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I love the way the dryer puckers the quilt and brings out the quilting. Thanks for your advice! I tell my kids to just bring their quilts to me to wash. I have, however, had success preventing bleeding from some pesky woven shot cotton by throwing multiple Shout Color Catcher sheets into the washing machine with the quilt.

It was crazy how much dye they caught when I pulled them out! Sadly, I have also been the victim of quilt bleeding. It was a horrible accident in the mail involving an exploding bottle of cleaner sitting on a quilt sent to me by my longarm quilter. It was A LOT of navy dye on a cream background. To get bleeding out: 1. Immediately fill up your bathtub with cold water.

Dump Synthrapol into the running water and stir into the tub. I had some lying around from my old fabric dyeing days. This stuff is the opposite of Retayne — it releases excess dye rather than locking it into the fabric. Submerge your quilt into the water and agitate for a few minutes. Depending on how bad the bleeding is, let it soak for a long time. I actually let my quilt soak overnight.

If the bleeding is still not coming out, you can also try to use a stain remover directly on the problem areas.

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At that point, however, you are getting into a bit riskier territory. I used Shout stain remover and I think it helped remove some of the dye a little bit. I know how stressful bleeding can be. This is a picture of me and my bleeding quilt after 24 hours of intensive care and lost of wailing. I had a sneaky red shirt turn an entire load of clothes pink. Poured that stuff into a bath of warm water, threw all the clothes into it and let them soak for about 2 hours and they came out like new! Or, try Grandmas Stain Remover walmart between those 2, you can get out anything.

More Scrap. I pick a dry sunny day, machine wash on cold with a shout color sheet, put in low dryer for min and then lay on a sheet on my deck in the sun to finish drying, turning once.


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I prewash all my fabrics with shout color sheets but not the batting. I find I loose about an inch in each direction with the machine drying. I make bed size quilts to sell and wash each quilt as I finish it. Thanks for the info!!! The Campfire quilt! Ahhhh yes. That will be available this fall. It was originally published in Modern Patchwork Magazine Fall , so I have to wait a while before personally publishing it. Bonjour I have my quilt for 20 years and I have wash it in the washing machine regulard Liquid soap or pods and next to the clothesline and for the past 5 years to the dryer.

If the cats do not trow up on it, I wash it once a year. The color has been fading a bit it is red. Salut Have a nice day. I have a question. Does anyone have an idea about washing a fairly large quilt that was pin basted and partially quilted, and is now covered in cat hair? The cat left a grimy spot where she was lying and although I have tried to remove most of the hair with adhesive strips, a lot of hair seems stuck to the fabric.

Does anyone have an idea of what I should do? Would it be better to wash it as is, safety pins and all? I would suggest lint rolling it as best as you can and then quilting it. If cat hair still remains, and it is noticeable, you may have to individually pick the hair out.

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I store my quilts and any other long-ish-term linen storage in king size cotton pillow cases. And thanks for all of your advice. Thanks for this advice. I have several quilt tops that our grandmother pieced together. I was considering handwashing them before getting them quilted and was concerned about fraying. Vivian, Try putting it in the dryer using air setting no heat 15 minute intervals.

Check your lint trap…clean…do again. Washed it 3 times…and machine dried…used air setting also. Cat hairs are gone. Love the quilt! I had that Problem with a couple of samples for my shop. I rollered the heck out of them, then put a sheet over the top, and vacuumed by releasing most of the suction. Then I rollered it again and laid it over the deck railing and lightly sprayed with fabreeze odorless. It was wool crazy quilts and the owner had cats. They came out fine and were shipped back nice and clean and smelling good. I followed the guide from a museum. Place a sheet under the quilt in the tub.

Find a helper to take one end of the sheet to twist it to wring. Then lift it with the sheet as to avoid distortion. This will help also to move it to dry-leave the sheet under it. Thank you for the tips. I used to have a big outside dining room table in our screened porch way back when and after I washed my quilts I would put the quilt on the table to dry. That always worked well. Plus I never liked that smell anyway.

I just read your thread, and I am so glad I did. I was about to bring my cotton quilt in for dry cleaning. Several years ago, I read that is the best way to clean a quilt. So I have been doing it for a few years now. It is not the best quality fabric either, but it is pretty on my bed and I like it. I am afraid it will shrink in the wash. Any suggestions for that? If your quilt was made with fabrics that were not previously washed and shrunk, inevitably it will shrink a little. If you wash it gently with cold water and then let it air dry on a bed of towels it will shrink the least amount.

Thank you for the detergent recommendation! Have you used SOAK on the gentle cycle? So you like it? If so, How does it compare to your recommendation? SOAK is great stuff. It comes in wonderful scents and seems to be a favorite among quilters. Thanks for all the tips! I store my quilts rolled in a basket.

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  • I get to enjoy all the quilts in different rooms! I read about this method the Amish use a while ago, but have yet to give it a try. Quilts naturally gather dust while in use. There is a very efficient, old-fashioned method to freshen your quilt that does not require washing , but does require snow. Snap your quilt over new-fallen clean snow, much as would shake a new carpet. It is desirable to allow the quilt to smack the snow gently. Repeat several times, then replace the quilt directly on your bed. I seriously had no idea people stressed this!

    I mean, I definitely stress the first wash—cold water, 35 color catchers, hover over the machine and eyeball the color of the water. But, after that, they get washed cold water style and dried at a reasonably hot but not too hot setting. And mine get used hard. Except one time someone who was not me put one of my precious quilts in the laundry with a super bleedy red scarf.

    I was so upset. That quilt will never be the same, but it is wayyyyy better now. I hope my grandkids love it someday just like the rest of my quilts. Any ideas on removing water stains? Okay, I have a quilt that is entirely made of prairie points. It weighs about 30 pounds dry. I need suggestions. My daughters cat peed on it. Should I try to just clean the spot? I know dry cleaning is not an option…am desperate. My first thought is to take it to a laundromat and use one of the huge industrial washing machines.

    I would then throw it in the one of the dryers there and put the setting on low or air fluff. Once the quilt is dry enough to transport, take it home and lay it flat on some towels and let it finish drying. I can vouch for this method. I had a king sized quilt and hand washing or home washing machine was not going to work. Much too large, much too heavy. My local laundromat or Washiterias as they were called in the south had the super large front load washing machines.

    These do not have that center agitator like home machines that pull and stretch.. Best decision ever. They have the super large dryers too.. I live in a dry climate so hanging over the stair banister worked great in no time. A sea of squares! I found some matching border 50s print and finished the edges, quilted and bound. Im so happy to have this finished memory of my Grandmother.

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